How to Add and Remove Home Screen Panels on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

By Dan Gookin

Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has seven Home screen panels? Technically, it can have up to seven Home screen panels. You’re free to remove panels you don’t need. And, if you need to have seven panels again in the future, you can add them again.

To add or remove Home screen panels, heed these directions:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu button.

  2. Choose Edit Page.

    You see an overview of all Home screen panels.


  3. Work the Home screen panels.

    You can do these three things:

    Remove: To remove a Home screen panel, drag it to the Remove icon. If the panel has icons or widgets, you see a warning. Touch the OK button to confirm the deletion.

    Add: To add a Home screen panel, touch the thumbnail with the Plus Sign icon on it. If you don’t see a thumbnail with the Plus Sign icon on it, you cannot add more panels.

    Rearrange: Drag a panel around to change the order in which it appears. The thumbnail with the white border is the primary Home screen panel.

  4. Press the Back button when you’re done editing.

The phone needs a Home screen, so it must have at least one Home screen panel.

There’s no way to undo a Home screen panel deletion. You have to add a new, blank panel and then repopulate it with icons and widgets.

The primary Home screen panel is the one you return to when you press the Home button.