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Choose Your Headset for Your Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

You can use wired or wireless (Bluetooth) headsets with your Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone. Wired headsets are less expensive than Bluetooth headsets, and of course, wired headsets don’t need charging, as do the Bluetooth headsets.

On the other hand, you lose freedom of mobility if you’re tangled up in wires. And, the battery within Bluetooth headsets last much longer than the battery of your phone.

Wired headsets

At the top of your Galaxy S 4 phone is a headset jack. If you try to use your regular headphone jack in this jack, you’ll hear the audio, but the person on the other end of the call may not hear you too because the headphone doesn’t come with a microphone.

In this case, your phone tries to use the built-in mic as a speakerphone. Depending upon the ambient noise conditions, it may work fine or sound awful. Of course, you can always ask the person you are talking to if they can hear you.

Your phone might come with a wired headset to address that problem. In that case, just plug it in to use the device. The Galaxy S 4 uses ear buds, like the image shown in this figure.

A typical wired headset with ear buds and a 3.5mm plug.
A typical wired headset with ear buds and a 3.5mm plug.

Some people dislike ear buds. You can obtain other styles at a number of retail franchises that offer the following options, including

  • Around-the-ear headphones that place the speakers on the ear and are held in place with a clip

  • A behind-the-neck band that holds around-the-ear headphones in place

  • An over-the-head band that places the headphones on the ear

The laws in some regions prohibit the use of headphones while driving. Correcting the officer and explaining that these are really “headsets,” and not “headphones” won’t help your case if you’re pulled over.

Even if not explicitly illegal in an area, it’s still a bad idea to play music in both ears at a volume that inhibits your ability to hear warnings while driving.

In any case, give yourself some time to get used to any new headset. There is often an adjustment period while you get used to having a foreign object in or around your ear.

Stereo Bluetooth headsets

The other option is to use a stereo Bluetooth headset. This figure shows a typical model.

A behind-the-neck Bluetooth stereo headset.
A behind-the-neck Bluetooth stereo headset.

A stereo Bluetooth headset is paired the same way as any other Bluetooth headset. When your Galaxy S 4 phone and the headset connect, the phone recognizes that it operates in stereo when listening to music or videos.

There are also several variations on how to place the headphone part of the headset near your ear with a Bluetooth headset. Be aware that some products on the market are strictly Bluetooth headphones, and not headsets.

This means that they don’t have a microphone. In this case, you might want to remove your headphones when a call comes in or move the phone near your mouth. Of course, this effort defeats some of the convenience of having a Bluetooth connection.