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Accessing Gear S2 Watch Info and Changing Watch Faces

By Eric Butow

One of the most amazing features of the Gear S2 is the ability to change your watch face to one that reflects your coolness, mood, or current taste. There are speedy ways to access watch information and change the watch face from the watch screen itself. What’s more, you can download Samsung’s Gear Watch Designer for free so that you can design your own watch face.

Accessing battery and steps information

If you’re looking at a watch face that has battery and steps information on it, such as the Modern Utility face that’s the standard watch face on the Gear S2 Classic, you can tap the Battery and Steps icons on the face to get battery and steps information, as shown.

You can tap the Steps icon on the watch face even if one of the hands partially blocks the icon.

When you tap the Battery icon, you see the battery level percentage on the screen (see the following figure) as well as a green line around the perimeter of the screen that gets shorter as your Gear S2 battery strength drops.

The battery level percentage appears in the center of the screen.

When you tap the Steps icon in the watch face, you open the Steps widget, which tells you how many steps you’ve taken and how your steps today compare with the number of steps you took each day during the past week.

Changing watch faces

Here’s a fast way to open the watch faces screen and select a new watch face: Tap and hold your finger on the center of the watch screen for three seconds until you feel the Gear S2 vibrate. The Modern Utility face appears in the watch faces screen, enabling you to stylize that face or select a new face.

The Modern Utility face appears on the watch faces screen.

Creating your own watch face with Gear Watch Designer

If you’re dissatisfied with the selection of watch faces both on your Gear S2 and on the Galaxy Apps app, you can do something about it: Create one yourself. Samsung has made its Gear Watch Designer available to download for free. Maybe you can even earn some money by uploading and selling your creations on the Galaxy Apps store.

You can get more information and download Gear Watch Designer on the Samsung Developers website. Within the Gear Watch Designer web page (shown), Samsung reminds you that the app is in beta (at least as of this writing), so using the app won’t be all happy white clouds.

A brief video tutorial starts playing when you open the Gear Watch Designer web page.

If you want to try the Gear Watch Designer to see how it works for you, download the app for either Windows or the Mac OS by clicking the buttons that appear above the video tutorial on the page. If you want to see a static image of the app, scroll down the page to view the image shown here.

The screenshot of the Gear Watch Designer app gives you a sense of how to design a new watch face.

Samsung designed the Gear Watch Designer interface to be familiar to anyone who has used graphic apps such as Adobe Photoshop. Even if you’re not much into graphics and you’re a bit intimidated by what’s in the static image of the app, Samsung makes it easy for beginners to get up to speed, too.