Working with the iPhone Stocks App - dummies

By Dwight Spivey

This may sound obvious, but Stocks is one of those apps built-in to iOS 10 that folks either use religiously or have no idea it even exists. The reason is that if you play the stock market then the Stocks app is about to become your best friend, but if you don’t own stocks you simply have zero need for the app.

Here’s how to use the Stocks app to stay on top of the bulls and the bears:

  1. Tap the Stocks app icon to open it.
    The Stocks app is already populated with a list of stocks and markets:
    • The top half of the screen lists the stocks you’re interested in
    • The bottom half shows the data for that stock.
      For example, tap AAPL to see information relating specifically to Apple’s stock.
  2. Swipe the bottom half of the screen right to left to see real time prices, graphs representing the history of the stock, and news related to the stock. Tap a news article to read it in Safari.
  3. Tap the menu button in the lower-right corner of the screen to open the list of your stocks.
    From the menu screen you can manipulate your stocks list in a number of ways:
    • Tap the Percentage, Price, or Market Cap button at the bottom of the screen to determine the default view for your stocks.
    • Add a stock to your list by tapping the + button in the upper-right corner and typing the name or symbol for your stock in the Search field at the top of the screen. Tap the stock in the list of search findings to add it to the list.
    • Tap the red circle to the left of a stock name, then tap the red Delete button that appears to the right of the name to remove the stock from your list.
    • Tap-and-hold the Rearrange button (appears as three stacked parallel lines to the right of a stock name), then drag up or down to reorder your stocks list.
    • Tap Done when finished editing and organizing your stocks list.