What You Can Do with iPhone 5 General Settings - dummies

What You Can Do with iPhone 5 General Settings

Part of iPhone 5 For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use iPhone’s General settings to set up basic functionality for your everyday use. You access the General settings in the following table by tapping the Settings app icon on the Home screen and then tapping General.

Setting Description
About Shows information about downloaded content, apps, memory,
iPhone serial number and model, and your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
addresses, plus support, and legal and regulatory jargon.
Software Update Use this setting to check for available updates to iOS via
Usage Check the items that are backed up to iCloud and buy additional
storage. Also turn on the display in the status bar for indicating
the percentage of your battery power available.
Siri Turn the Siri personal assistant feature on or off, set the
language to be used, and chose to have Voice Feedback and Raise to
Speak settings on or off.
Cellular Choose to turn cellular data off so you only download data via
available Wi-Fi. Turn LTE on or off, choose Roaming options,
activate your Personal Hotspot, and choose which apps to use
cellular data from.
VPN Configure and turn on and off virtual private networks
iTunes Wi-Fi Sync Sync wirelessly with the copy of iTunes on a nearby computer
when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Spotlight Search Access settings for what types of content the iPhone search
feature returns in search results.
Auto-Lock Set the amount of time for inactivity at which iPhone
automatically locks the screen.
Passcode Lock Set a passcode and turn the feature on to require a passcode to
unlock iPhone. Set iPhone to erase all data after ten failed
attempts to enter the correct passcode.
Restrictions Set restrictions on Safariand iTunes, as well as restrict
installation of applications and location services. Specify allowed
content for music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and apps.
Date & Time Choose 24-hour time and a time zone and set the correct date
and time.
Keyboard Set keyboard correction features such as Auto-Capitalization
and Check Spelling.
International Specify the language for onscreen information and keyboards.
Choose a region format for date, time, and phone numbers.
Accessibility Set features for using an iPhone for people with visual,
hearing, or dexterity challenges.
Reset Reset all settings or selected settings, such as network or
keyboard, to factory defaults.