How to Sync Your iPhone Calendar with Microsoft Exchange

If you work for a company that uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, calendar entries and meeting invitations from coworkers can be pushed to your iPhone, showing up on that iPhone’s screen moments after they’re entered, even if they’re entered on computers at work.

1Set up an account to facilitate pushing calendar entries to your iPhone.

Check with your company’s tech or IT department to make sure your employer allows it and to find out how exactly to do it.

2Tap Settings→Mail→Contacts→Calendars→Add Account.

The Add Account list appears.

3From the Add Account list, tap Microsoft Exchange.

The Exchange screen appears.

4Fill in the e-mail address, username, password, and description fields, and then tap Next.

The Exchange Account Information screen appears.

5If required, enter your server address in the Server field.

The iPhone supports something called the Microsoft Autodiscovery service, which uses your name and password to automatically determine the address of the Exchange server. The rest of the fields should be filled in with the e-mail address, username, password, and description you just entered.

6Tap Next.

The iPhone verifies your information and, hopefully, connects you to your Exchange server.

7Tap the On switch for each information type that you want to synchronize by using Microsoft Exchange.

The options are Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. You should be good to go now, although some employers may require you to add passcodes to safeguard company secrets.