How to Send an MMS or Group Message on the iPhone - dummies

How to Send an MMS or Group Message on the iPhone

There are many ways to send messages with your iPhone. You can include media, such as a picture or video, or even send a message (yes, also with media) to multiple people.

MMS: Like SMS with media

To send a picture or video in a message on the iPhone, follow the instructions for sending a text message, but before you tap Send, tap the camera icon to the left of the text-entry field. You’ll then have the option of using an existing picture or video or taking a new one.

You can add text to photos or videos (by typing in the text-entry field) before or after you select them. When you’re finished, tap the Send button.

If you receive a picture or video (or voice message) in an iMessage, it appears in a bubble just like text. Tap the element to see it full-screen.

A new option in Settings→Messages is called Raise to Listen. If you enable it, you can quickly listen to and reply to a voice message by merely raising your iPhone to your ear. Neat!

Tap the share icon in the lower-left corner for options including Message, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Save Image, Assign to Contact, Copy, and Print. If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, you’ll also see an option to share the photo or video via AirDrop.

If you don’t see the share icon, tap the picture or video once and the icon will magically appear.

When you’re viewing an image or a video, tap the list icon in the lower-right corner to see every image from this conversation. Tap a picture to view it; swipe left or right to see earlier or later images or videos.

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Group messaging has never been better

If one-on-one conversations in Messages are good, conversing with a group of people is even better.

To start a group conversation, just add two or more people in the To field. Other than that, group conversations work the same way as individual messages. However, there are a couple of cool new iOS 8 innovations that make group messaging even better.

Tap Details at the upper-right corner of any group conversation. In addition to the features described previously (initiate a phone call or FaceTime chat, send your current location, and so on), you see a Leave This Conversation button (below the Do Not Disturb switch). If you’ve wished you could bail out of a multiperson conversation, you know what a big deal this is.

Now imagine that you’re part of a lively conversation with a handful of friends. You don’t want to leave, but you do want to silence its all-too-frequent notifications. Tap Details in the upper-right corner of any group conversation, and then enable Do Not Disturb.

You are now an official messaging maven.