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How to Use AirPlay on Your iPhone

The AirPlay streaming technology is built into the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Streaming technology allows you to send media files from one device to be played on another. You can send (for example) a movie you’ve purchased on your iPhone or a slideshow of your photos to be played on your TV — and control the TV playback from your iPhone.

You can also send music to be played over speakers.

You can take advantage of AirPlay in a few ways: Purchase Apple TV and stream video, photos, and music to the TV or purchase AirPort Express and attach it to your speakers to play music. Finally, if you buy AirPort Express you can stream audio directly to your wireless speakers.

Because this combination of equipment varies — if you’re interested in using AirPlay — visit your nearest Apple Store and find out which hardware combination will work best for you.

If you get a bit antsy watching a long movie, one of the beauties of AirPlay is that you can still use your iPhone to check e-mail, browse photos or the Internet, or check your calendar while the media file is playing.