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HTC One (M8) For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From HTC One (M8) For Dummies

By Bill Hughes

The HTC One (M8) smartphone has a multitouch keyboard and an available Android app that helps with auto text and customization. Its other apps, including Google Now (equivalent to Siri) and Blinkfeed, may work for you as well. Using the HTC One becomes easier when you know what the icons and shortcuts are.

Changing from HTC Sense Input Keyboard to Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro is an Android app that lets you use multitouch typing on your HTC One (M8). It supports multiple languages and lets you customize auto text. Follow these steps to install the app on your smartphone:

  1. Tap the Google Play Store icon.

  2. Download and install the Smart Keyboard Pro app.

  3. Tap Settings, and then tap Language and Keyboard.

  4. Tap the Smart keyboard Pro check box.

  5. When you tap in a text box and the keyboard comes up, swipe down on the notification bar.

  6. Tap Select Input Method.

    You see a list of enabled keyboards.

  7. Tap Smart Keyboard Pro.

Using Google Now to Your Best Advantage

To get started, tap the Google icon or say “Okay Google.” What can Google Now do for you? It can answer questions or open apps. Google Now can do things on your HTC One (M8) that you might not expect, like make appointments or set reminders.

  • Get weather:

    What‘s the weather today?

    Hows the weather this week?

    What will the temperature be in Paris next week?

  • Open apps:

    Play Real Racing.

    Launch Photos.

    Open Word app.

  • Find information:

    What did the NASDAQ close at today?

    Who won the Seahawks game today?

    How far is the earth from the sun?

    What time is it in Burma?

    What movies are playing?

  • Miscellaneous:

    Remind me to call Dad when I get home.

    Schedule dinner with Ludwig Monday night at 7.

    Do I have any appointments tomorrow?

    Play music by the Beatles.

    Find good pizza nearby.

    Enable Wi-Fi.

    Set an alarm for 6:30AM tomorrow.

    Find pictures of puppies.

Turning Off the HTC One BlinkFeed App

You can turn off the BlinkFeed app on your HTC One (M8) if you don’t want customized content streamed to you. If you miss getting highlights from social media, websites, and developers, you can turn BlinkFeed back on.

  1. On a home page other than the BlinkFeed page, press and hold somewhere other than on an app icon.

    This brings up a pop-up menu for making changes to the Home Screen.

  2. Tap Manage Home Screen Pages.

    This brings up a thumbnail of your extended Home pages.

  3. Swipe the pages to the right.

    The BlinkFeed app is on the Home page on the far left. Get the BlinkFeed page thumbnail to the center of the page.

  4. Tap the Remove button.

    If you want to turn the app back on after you have removed it, follow Steps 1 through 3 and tap the BlinkFeed+ button.

Using HTC One Shortcuts

Your HTC One (M8) shortcuts let you tap the Home screen icons to get to major apps like your phone, messaging, and the web. Other icons help you identify phone calls, get directions, and choose camera settings.

Using the HTC One Home screen

The main Home screen shortcuts from left to right:

  • Phone

  • Messaging

  • Apps

  • Internet

  • Camera

    The main shortcuts on the Home screen.
    The main shortcuts on the Home screen.

Using Chrome bookmarks

When you’re in Chrome, open the Bookmarks folder and tap the Bookmarks link. You can get to websites from this screen three ways:

  • View recently closed websites: When you click this icon (six rectangles), you see thumbnails (little bitty pictures) of websites that you recently closed.

  • Bookmark files: Tap the star icon. To get to the top file, tap the link that says Bookmark. This active hyperlink takes you back to the base of the filing system.

  • View what is currently open on your PC: Are you ready to be blown away? Tap this icon (file folder with up and down arrows) to see the tabs that are currently open on your PC.

Identifying HTC One phone call list icons

What kind of calls you get (or miss) are indicated by icons:

  • All incoming and outgoing calls: Phone receiver with arrows pointing to it and away from it.

  • Outgoing call you made: An arrow points down and to the left, toward the image.

  • Incoming call you received: An arrow points up and to the right.

  • Incoming call you ignored or missed: A red exclamation mark with the calling number in red.

Getting directions from the Map app

You can get directions from you HTC One (M8) in a number of ways, including

  • Tap the Search Box. Type the name or address where you want to go (for example, Seattle Space Needle).

  • Tap the directions icon and type Seattle Space Needle in the Choose Destination line.

  • Tap the services icons, tap the attractions icon, and select your location.


Identifying Camera app icons

The following image shows you where the camera settings are on your HTC One (M8).