The Droid Bionic's Share Button - dummies

The Droid Bionic’s Share Button

The Share button lurks at the bottom of the Droid Bionic screen whenever you view an image or a video. If you don’t see the button, touch the screen and it shows up.

Touching the Share button displays a menu chock-full of methods or apps you can use to share the image or video. The variety of items depends on the apps installed on your phone as well as on which accounts you’ve added. Here’s a run-through of the more popular sharing options:

  • Photo/Video Share: These items work in conjunction with social networking sites as well as with any photo-sharing or hosting sites. You must set up your account on the Droid Bionic for these options to work.

  • Email and Gmail: Choosing Email or Gmail for sharing sends the media file from your Droid Bionic as a message attachment. Fill in the To, Subject, and Message text boxes as necessary. Touch the Send button to send the media.

  • Picasa: The Picasa photo-sharing site is one of those free services you get with your Google account. Choose this option to upload a photo to your Picasa account: Type a caption, choose an online album, and then touch the Upload button.

  • Print to Retail: The image is beamed to a local photo developer.

  • Text Messaging: Media can be attached to a text message, which then becomes the famous MMS, or multimedia message.

  • YouTube: The YouTube sharing option appears whenever you choose to share a video from the Gallery.

Additional options may appear on the menu in the Downloaded Apps section. For example, if you have the Facebook app or a Twitter client, these items appear on the bottom part of the sharing menu.

Some images and videos are too large to send as multimedia text messages. The Droid Bionic may offer to automatically resize the images in some cases, but not all.

Not every cell phone has the ability to receive multimedia text messages.