Record a Video Message on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Record a Video Message on the Droid Bionic

You have two modes to choose from for shooting video on the Droid Bionic: Normal Video and Video Message. Video Message mode is especially designed for quick uploading to the Internet or for adding an attachment to an MMS (multimedia) text message.

To set Video Message mode, follow these steps in the Camcorder app:

  1. Press the Menu soft button to pull out the Control Drawer.

  2. Touch the Picture Modes icon and choose Video Message.

  3. If you’re recording yourself, touch the Switch Camera button to use the front-facing camera.

  4. Touch the Record button to start.

    Do something interesting.

  5. Touch the Stop button when you’re done.

The recorded message is ideal for attaching to an e-mail or a text message. That’s because in this recording mode, the resolution is set low so that the message’s file size is smaller.

  • To attach video to a text message, start the Text Messaging app and press the Menu soft button. Choose the Insert command and then select Existing Video.

  • To add the video to an e-mail message composed in the Email app, press the Menu soft button and choose Attach Files. Choose Gallery from the Attach Files menu, and choose your video from the Select an Item screen.

  • Keep the video message short! Short is good for a video message attachment.