How to Put Your Droid X in Airplane Mode

By Dan Gookin

As anyone who has been flying recently knows, using a cellular phone while on an airborne plane is strictly forbidden. You can, however, use your Droid X to listen to music, play games, or do anything else that doesn’t require a cellular connection. The secret is to place the phone in Airplane mode.

The most convenient way to put the Droid X in Airplane mode is to press and hold the Power button and, from the menu that appears, choose Airplane Mode. You don’t even need to unlock the phone to perform this operation.

Here’s the most inconvenient way to put the Droid X into Airplane mode:

  1. From the Applications Tray, choose Settings→Wireless & Networking.

  2. Touch the square by Airplane Mode to set the green check mark.

    When the green check mark is visible, Airplane mode is active.

  3. To exit Airplane mode, repeat Steps 1 and 2.

    Touching the square this time removes the green check mark.

When the phone is in Airplane mode, a special icon appears in the status area. You might also see the text No Service appear on the phone’s locked screen.


You can compose e-mail while the phone is in Airplane mode. The messages just aren’t sent until you disable Airplane mode and connect again with a data network.

Many airlines now feature wireless networking onboard. You can turn on wireless networking for the Droid X and use a wireless network in the air. Simply activate the Droid X Wi-Fi after you place the phone in Airplane mode — well, after the flight attendant tells you that it’s okay to do so — and connect to the Wi-Fi network.