How to Create a Playlist on Your Droid X's Music App - dummies

How to Create a Playlist on Your Droid X’s Music App

By Dan Gookin

Playlists are customized (by you) groups of tunes that have something in common. What they have in common is up to you. Droid X allows you to create playlists in its Music app. To start a new playlist from scratch on your Droid, you don’t just create an empty playlist and then add songs. That might be how things work on your computer, but not on the Droid X. Instead, you need to start by selecting the first tune you want to put on the playlist:

  1. Play the song you want to use to start a new playlist.

    You don’t have to keep playing the song; feel free to pause the music after the song starts playing.

  2. Press the Menu soft button, and then choose Add to Playlist→New.

  3. Enter a playlist name.

    Erase whatever silly text already appears in the input field. Type or dictate a new, better playlist name.

  4. Touch the Save button.

    Your Droid creates the new playlist, and the song you were playing is added to it. The new playlist has only one song, so you need to add more songs.

  5. Start another song that you want to add to the playlist.

    Again, you can pause it.

  6. Press the Menu soft button and then choose Add to Playlist.

  7. Choose the existing playlist to which you want to add the song.

    You may have to scroll down the list to see all your playlists.

  8. Repeat Steps 5 through 7 to add songs to as many playlists as you like.

    Adding songs to a playlist doesn’t noticeably affect the storage capacity of the MicroSD card.

You can add a song to more than one playlist. For example, selections from Cats are as suitable in a “Broadway Musicals” playlist as they are in a “Songs About Pets” playlist.

After you’ve started populating your playlist, it might require a little maintenance:

  • To rearrange the songs in a playlist, drag the tab on the far-left end of the song’s title in the list up or down to where you want it.

  • To remove a song from a playlist, long-touch the song in the playlist and choose the command Remove from Playlist. Removing a song from a playlist doesn’t delete the song from your phone.

  • To delete a playlist, long-press its name in the list of playlists, and then choose the Delete command. Though the playlist is removed, none of the songs in the playlist has been deleted.