How to Call a Favorite on an Android Phone - dummies

How to Call a Favorite on an Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

A special contact category in the phone’s address book is favorites. A favorite is someone you call frequently or whose information you need to have handy. The person doesn’t have to be someone you like — just someone you (perhaps unfortunately) phone often, such as your bookie.

To create a favorite, display a contact’s information and touch the Star icon. When the star is highlighted, the contact is flagged as one of your favorites.


Favorite contacts appear in their own tab on the People or Contacts app, as well as in the Phone or Dialer app. To quickly access a favorite, choose the person from the tab.


To call a favorite, choose the Favorites tab in the Phone app, similar to what’s shown. Touch a favorite contact to either dial that person directly or to display their contact information, and then choose the number to dial.


The favorites (or frequent calls list) might be visible from the main Phone app screen (refer to the center of the following image).


  • To remove a favorite, touch the contact’s star again. Removing a favorite doesn’t delete the contact.

  • A contact has no idea whether he’s one of your favorites, so don’t believe that you’re hurting his feelings by not making him a favorite.