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Droid Bionic: Organize Apps with App Groups

There are three ways to organize your apps on the Droid Bionic. The first way is not to organize your apps at all. That duty is handled by the App Menu screen, which lists all the apps in your phone. The second way is to place frequently used apps on the Home screen, but it has its limitations.

The third way is to create App Menu groups:

  1. Touch the Launcher to display the App menu.

  2. Touch the Groups button and choose New Group.

    The Groups button is in the upper-left corner of the screen. You see a new screen, where you can describe the group, as shown in this figure.


  3. Name the group.

    For example, Games.

  4. Choose an appropriate icon from the icons menu (found to the left of the group name text field).

  5. Touch the Save button.

    The group is created, but it’s empty. The next step is to add apps to the group.

  6. Touch the green Add button.


    The Select Apps menu appears. It lists all the apps installed on your phone.

  7. Scroll through the list of apps, placing a green check mark by the apps you want to add to your group.

    The apps are not moved; only a copy of the app (a shortcut or alias) is placed into your new group.

  8. Touch the OK button when you’re done adding apps.

    The group is created and filled with apps.

You can redisplay all the phone’s apps by choosing the All Apps command from the Group menu. Or you can choose any other group from the Groups menu or create even more groups to further organize your apps.

You can edit or remove the group by long-pressing it on the Groups menu. You can even add the group to the Home screen as a shortcut, which is yet another way to organize your apps.