Droid Bionic: Music from the Amazon MP3 Store - dummies

Droid Bionic: Music from the Amazon MP3 Store

When you don’t have any music to play on your Droid Bionic, you need to buy it. The Android Market may at some point sell music, but for now you need to turn to another source for your music shopping needs. The recommend place is the app called Amazon MP3 Store.

Use the QR Code or visit the Android Market to download a copy of the Amazon MP3 app to your Droid Bionic.


To get the most from the Amazon MP3 app, you need an Amazon account. If you don’t have one set up, use your computer to create one. You also need to keep a credit card on file for the account, which makes purchasing music with the Droid Bionic work O so well.

Follow these steps to buy music for your phone:

  1. Ensure that you’re using a Wi-Fi or high-speed digital network connection.

  2. From the App menu, choose the Amazon MP3 app.

    The Amazon MP3 app connects you with the online Amazon music store, where you can search or browse for tunes to preview and purchase for your Droid Bionic.

    The Amazon MP3 store presents you with two options for purchasing music: Store and Player. The Store option is where you buy music to download to your phone. The Player option lets you save your music on the Internet, where you can play it from any device connected to the Internet.

  3. Touch the Store button.

  4. Touch the Search button to begin your music quest.

    Or you can browse by top-selling songs and albums, new releases, or browse by category.

  5. Type some search words, such as an album name, a song title, or an artist name.

  6. Touch a result.

    If the result is an album, you see the contents of the album. Otherwise, an audio preview plays.

    When the result is an album, choose a song in the album to hear the preview.

    Touch the song again to stop the preview.

  7. To purchase the song, touch the big button with the amount in it.

    Some buttons say FREE, for free songs.

    Touching the button changes the price into the word BUY.

  8. Touch the word BUY.

  9. If necessary, you may need to accept the license agreement.

    This step happens the first time you buy something from the Amazon MP3 store.

  10. Sign in to your Amazon account: Type your account name or e-mail address and password.

    Your purchase is registered, account authorized, and download started. If they aren’t, touch the Retry button to try again.

  11. Wait while the music downloads.

    Well, actually, you don’t have to wait: The music continues to download while you do other things on the phone.

No notification icon appears when the song or album has finished downloading. Notice, however, that the MP3 Store Downloading icon vanishes from the notification part of the screen. It’s your clue that the new music is in the phone and ready for your ears.

  • Amazon e-mails you a bill for your purchase. That’s your purchase record, so print it if you like and then input it into your bookkeeping program or personal finance program.

  • You can review your Amazon MP3 store purchases by pressing the Menu soft button in the MP3 Store app and choosing the Downloads command.