Disconnect the Droid Bionic from the Computer - dummies

Disconnect the Droid Bionic from the Computer

When you’re using any USB connection option other than Charge Only, you must properly disconnect the phone from the computer. Never just yank out the USB cable. Doing so can damage the phone’s storage, which is a Bad Thing. Instead, follow these steps to do things properly:

  1. Close whichever programs or windows are accessing the Droid Bionic from the computer.

  2. Properly unmount the phone from the computer’s storage system.

    On a PC, locate the phone’s icon in the Computer or My Computer window. Right-click the icon and choose either the Eject or Safely Remove command.

    On a Macintosh, drag the phone’s storage icon to the Trash.

  3. On the Droid Bionic, pull down the notifications.

  4. Choose USB Connection.

  5. Choose Charge Only.

  6. Touch the OK button to confirm.

    The phone’s storage is unmounted and can no longer be accessed from your computer.

  7. If you like, unplug the USB cable.

When you choose to keep the phone connected to the computer, the phone continues to charge. (Only when the computer is off does the phone not charge.) Otherwise, the computer and phone have ended their little tête-à-tête and you and the phone are free again to wander the earth.