Cut, Copy, and Paste Text on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Cut, Copy, and Paste Text on the Droid Bionic

After selecting a chunk of text — or all text — on the screen of your Droid Bionic, you can then cut or copy that text and paste it elsewhere. Copying or cutting and then pasting text works just like it does on your computer.

Follow these steps to cut or copy text on your phone:

  1. Select the text you want to cut or copy.

    Selecting text is covered earlier in this chapter.

  2. Long-press the selected text.

    Touch the highlighted text on the touchscreen and keep your finger pressed down. You see the Edit Text menu with three items: Cut, Copy, and Paste.

  3. Choose Cut or Copy from the menu to cut or copy the text.

    When you choose Cut, the text is removed; the cut-and-paste operation moves text.

  4. If necessary, start the application you want to paste text into.

  5. Touch the text box or text area where you want to paste the copied or cut text.

  6. Move the cursor to the exact spot where the text will be pasted.

  7. Long-press the text box or area.

  8. Choose the Paste command from the Edit Text menu.

    The text you cut or copied appears in the spot where the cursor was blinking.

The text you paste can be pasted again and again. Until you cut or copy additional text, you can use the Paste command to your heart’s content.

You can paste text only into locations where text is allowed. Odds are good that if you can type, or whenever you see the onscreen keyboard, you can paste text.