Add Your Droid Bionic to Google Voice - dummies

Add Your Droid Bionic to Google Voice

After you have a Google Voice account, you add your Droid Bionic phone number to the list of phone numbers registered for Google Voice. Complete these steps on a computer connected to the Internet, but keep your phone handy:

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Google Voice home page and choose the Voice Settings command from the menu.

    The Voice Settings command may change its location in a future update to the Google Voice web page. If so, the purpose of this step is to access the Settings screen, where you register phone numbers for use with Google Voice.

  2. Click the link Add Another Phone.

  3. Work the steps to verify your phone for use with Google Voice.

    Eventually, Google Voice needs to phone your Droid Bionic. When it does, use the dialpad on the phone to type the code number you see on your computer’s screen. After confirming the code number, you see the Droid Bionic listed as a registered phone — but you’re not done yet:

  4. Click the Activate Voicemail link.

    You must activate your phone for it to work with Google Voice. This is the most important step!

  5. On your Droid Bionic, dial the number you see on your computer screen.

    The number starts with *71, which is the command to forward unanswered calls on the Verizon network. Note that the number you’re dialing is not the same as your Google Voice phone number.

    The number dials and then the Droid Bionic hangs up right away. That’s normal.

  6. On your computer screen, click the Done button.

    Your Droid Bionic is now registered for use with Google Voice.