Add Contacts to the Droid Bionic from Scratch - dummies

Add Contacts to the Droid Bionic from Scratch

Although you have many ways to get contact information into your Droid Bionic Contacts list, sometimes it’s necessary to create a contact when you meet another human being in the real world. In that case, you have more information to input, and it starts like this:

  1. Open the Contacts app or touch the Contacts tab in the Dialer app.

  2. Touch the Add Contact button found near the top of the screen.


  3. If prompted, choose an account as the place to store the contact and then touch the OK button.

    You should use your main Internet mail account provider, such as Google or Yahoo!

  4. Fill in the information on the Add Contact screen.

    Fill in the text fields with the information you know: the Given Name and Family Name fields, for example.

    To expand a field, touch the green Plus button on the touchscreen or highlight that button using the arrow keys on the sliding keyboard, and then press the OK button.

    Touch the gray button to the left of the phone number or the e-mail address to choose the location for that item, such as Home, Work, or Mobile.

    Touch the More button at the bottom of the list to expand that area and add even more information!

  5. Touch the Save button to complete editing and add the new contact.

You can also create new contacts by using your Gmail account on a computer. This option offers you the luxury of using a full-size keyboard and computer screen, though whenever you meet a contact face-to-face, your Droid Bionic will have to suffice.