Controlling Your Xoom's Touchscreen - dummies

Controlling Your Xoom’s Touchscreen

By Andy Rathbone

Part of MOTOROLA XOOM For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Although you can plug a USB keyboard or mouse into your Xoom’s micro-USB port using a special adapter, you control your Xoom mostly by touching its screen in different ways.

Action How to Do It
Tap Choose an on-screen icon, button, or menu option by tapping it
with your finger.
Double-tap Zoom in or out of a portion of the screen by tapping it twice
in rapid succession.
Touch and hold Touching and holding your finger against the glass often brings
up a menu, lets you move an item across the screen, or selects a
Drag Touch something on the screen and drag your finger up, down, or
sideways to move that item across the screen.
Drag, hold, and drop Touch and hold something on-screen, then slide your finger to
that object’s new location on-screen. Lift your finger to drop it
into its new place.
Flick Much like flicking a piece of dust off the screen, a flick lets
you scroll quickly through menus or long lists.
Pinch Placing two fingers on-screen and bringing the fingers together
shrinks that portion of the screen, bringing more of the image into
Spread The opposite of pinch, spreading your two fingers along the
glass zooms into that portion of the screen.