How to Use Twitter on the Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Use Twitter on the Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Twitter is a social networking site you can use on your Fire phone. On Twitter, you write short spurts of text that express your thoughts or observations, or you share links. Or you can just use Twitter to follow the thoughts and twitterings, or tweets, of other people:

  • A message posted on Twitter is a tweet.

  • A tweet can be no more than 140 characters long. That number includes spaces and punctuation.

  • You can post messages on Twitter and follow others who post messages. It’s a good way to get updates and information quickly, from not only individuals but also news outlets and other organizations.

Setting up Twitter

The best way to use Twitter is to already have a Twitter account. Start by going to Twitter on a computer and follow the directions there for creating a new account.

After you establish a Twitter account, you can use the Twitter app on your phone. The app may not be preinstalled, so obtain a copy from the Appstore. Search for the Twitter app from Twitter, Inc.

When you start the Twitter app for the first time, touch the Sign In button. Type your Twitter username or email address, and then type your Twitter password. After that, you can use Twitter without having to log in again — until you turn off the phone or exit the Twitter app.

Here is the Twitter app’s main screen, which shows the current tweet feed. The main screen may look subtly different as the Twitter app is updated.



The Twitter app provides an excellent interface to the many wonderful and interesting things that Twitter does. Of course, the two most basic tasks are reading and writing tweets.

To read tweets, choose the Home category. Recent tweets are displayed in a list, with the most recent information at the top. Scroll the list by swiping it with your finger.

To tweet, touch the Create New Tweet icon. The New Tweet screen appears, so that you can compose your tweet.


Touch the Tweet button to share your thoughts with the twitterverse:

  • You have only 140 characters for creating your tweet. That count includes spaces.

  • The character counter in the Twitter app lets you know how close you’re getting to the 140-character limit.

  • The Twitter app appears on various Share menus in other apps. You use those Share menus to send to Twitter whatever you’re looking at.