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How to Organize Apps on Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

You might be under the assumption that your Fire phone’s apps organize themselves. To a degree, that’s true: As new apps are installed, they’re placed on the App Grid. Their order, however, isn’t fixed. You can rearrange apps to your heart’s content. You can also organize apps into folders, called app collections. It’s a voluntary activity, but one you may pursue in the future.

Rearranging apps on the App Grid

It may appear as though apps on the App Grid are solidly attached to the screen. They’re not. You can pick up and move the apps at any time.

The secret to moving an app on the App Grid is to long-press the app. After a moment, the phone vibrates. Keeping your finger down, you can then drag the app icon to another location on the App Grid. The icons all jiggle around to make room for the one icon you’ve moved.

You can also drag an icon to another App Grid screen: Long-press to lift the icon, and then drag your finger down to another screen. If no other screen exists, dragging down the icon creates that screen:

  • The App Grid can’t have any blank spots. When you move an icon, all other icons rearrange themselves to fill in any blanks.


  • Though you can create a new App Grid screen by dragging an icon to it, you can’t create a blank screen. When the last icon is removed from an App Grid screen, that screen is removed.

Placing an app on the Home row

The top row of apps on the App Grid also appear at the bottom of the Home screen. That makes this location a great place for your most-often-used apps. The location is officially known as the Home row.

The Fire phone comes preconfigured with four apps on the Home row: Phone, Messages, Email, and the Silk browser. You’re free to replace these apps with others you use more frequently. To do so, simply drag another app icon to the Home row:

  • It’s a good idea to retain the Phone app on the Home row.

  • Important apps can also be pinned to the Carousel.

Pinning media

Beyond apps, the App Grid can be home to media you view on the Fire phone. You can place media icons into the grid, which gives you quick access to music, books, photos, and videos.

To pin media to the App Grid, you first need to open and enjoy the media, such as listening to an album by using the Music app. When the album appears on the Carousel, long-press its icon. Choose the command Pin to Home Grid.


Now, why they call the command Pin to Home Grid and not Pin to App Grid is anyone’s guess. Perhaps someone didn’t get a memo? Regardless, you’ll find the media located on the App Grid (look near the bottom).

  • Media pinned to the App Grid can be moved just like any other icon.

  • To remove media from the App Grid, long-press its icon and choose the command Unpin from Home Grid.

  • Removing media from the App Grid doesn’t uninstall or remove the media from your phone.

Building an app collection

On any other device, an app collection would be called a folder. It’s a single icon that contains multiple icons. Creating an app collection allows you to organize similar apps into a single spot, and it also helps keep the App Grid from becoming too long and tawdry.

Tap the icon in the app collection to view its contents. To start an app held in a collection, open the collection and then tap the icon.


To create an app collection, on the App Grid drag one icon over another. Upon failure, the two icons swap positions. Upon success, you see the Name App Collection prompt. Type a short, descriptive name for the collection. Tap the OK button to create the collection.

Add icons to the collection by dragging them over the collection icon.

To remove an icon from a collection, open the collection and long-press the icon. Choose the command Remove from Collection. When you remove the last icon from a collection, the collection itself is discarded:

  • Keep the collection name short and descriptive. The name appears below the collection icon on the App Grid, so if it’s too long you don’t see the whole thing.

  • It’s best to create an app collection of similar icons — for example, a collection of games, social networking apps, and shopping apps.