Turning to the Glass User Community - dummies

Turning to the Glass User Community

You may be able to get information about any problems you have from other Glass users and from Google itself. The Glass Community website is the place to exchange messages with other Glass users if you have a problem or you want to discuss experiences. Google also maintains a Google Glass profile on Google+ so you can get the latest information and operating-system updates for Glass.

Glass Community

You can send messages to and receive messages from other Glass users at the online Glass Community. This community is sponsored by Google and features messages in a variety of categories.

The community home page is divided into two sections:

  • The left side of the screen contains several tiles of information you may be interested in. The Top Kudoed Posts tile, for example, represents the posts that the most people are talking about. You can view the information contained within a tile by clicking or tapping the button in the bottom-right corner of the tile.

  • The right side of the screen displays your account information, a search box, a list of message-board topics, and the number of messages on each topic. To view messages, click or tap a topic name.


Below the list of boards is a list of the latest posts from Google+ about Glass.


See all the latest Glass updates on Google+. Like the user forum, the Google Glass page on Google+ contains tiles representing posts about Glass, such as the latest announcements and software-update information.


You can get information from this page in several ways:

  • Follow the page in your Google+ feed by tapping the Follow button.

  • Tap About to get more information about the page and links to related sites, such as the Glass page on YouTube.

  • View photos of Glass in action and on people’s heads by tapping Photos.

  • Watch various how-to and informational videos about Glass by tapping YouTube.

To return to the posts page, tap Posts. You can view information within a post by tapping the post’s tile.