How to Track Down Your Google Glass - dummies

How to Track Down Your Google Glass

The MyGlass app for your Android smartphone includes the nifty Device Location card, which helps you locate your Google Glass as quickly as possible in case you misplace it.

The Device Location card works if your Glass has a Wi-Fi connection or is paired with a smartphone that has the MyGlass app installed on it. If you haven’t done so yet, pair your Glass and your smartphone.

The Device Location card in MyGlass shows you the current location of your Glass. It also shows the last time MyGlass checked your smartphone to get the location of your Glass.


To view a map showing the device’s current location, click or tap the card. A map displays the pinned location of your Glass device. Unfortunately, this display is as close as MyGlass can get to finding your Glass, but it should give you enough information to search the area or call the authorities.


You can view the location in Google Maps by tapping or clicking the View on Google Maps link.