How to Share Your Google Glass Media - dummies

How to Share Your Google Glass Media

Google Glass is built to share data. You can share pictures and videos from your Glass with your friends, your Google+ circles, and other social media sharing apps available for Glass (such as Facebook and YouTube).

Google+ keeps an eye out for content in posts that isn’t eligible to be shared. You must not share pictures or videos that are owned by another person or by a company without express written permission, for example. If you don’t, your post will be removed, and you could be barred from the Google+ service.

Sharing from your timeline

It’s easy to share a picture or video from your timeline. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find the picture’s or video’s card by swiping forward and backward on your timeline until the card appears onscreen.

  2. Tap the touchpad and then choose Share from the menu.

    You see the Share icon, as shown.


  3. Swipe through the available sharing options in the menu and then select the service with which you want to share your picture or video.

  4. Wait until Glass shares your picture or video.

    When Glass finishes the sharing process, you see the picture or video onscreen.

Sharing with your computer

Another way to share your media is to share it with your computer. Just connect your Glass to your computer with a micro USB cable. Your computer recognizes that Glass is a media device, just like a smartphone or camera. Then you can access the Glass files on your computer as you would any other picture and video files.

To view your pictures and videos in Windows Explorer, click the Glass device in the folder tree and then navigate to the folder. On a Mac, use the Finder to navigate to the appropriate media folder. Then share, copy, and paste files from that folder as you would from any other folder on your computer.