Handle Google Glass with Care - dummies

Handle Google Glass with Care

As with any other product, the performance of your Glass depends on how well you take care of it. Glass has several sensitive parts that you must treat with care. Fortunately, the device comes with its own pouch so you can store your Glass safely when you’re finished using it.

Keep it right side up

Don’t take off Glass and leave it upside down. Why, you ask? You may think that Glass is like any other pair of glasses. It’s not. For one thing, it’s heavier than a regular pair of glasses.

Also, positioning is important. When you put your Glass on, the camera and screen unit are on the right side of the device. If you place the device upside down, as shown, especially on a hard surface, its weight will press the Camera button — and Glass will take pictures and record video even if it’s turned off.


The next time you put on your Glass, you could find that it’s storing a lot of pictures or a long video that you didn’t expect. Worse, taking those pictures and videos may have drained your battery completely.

What’s more, if you don’t have a Glass shield and constantly leave your Glass on a hard surface, the nose pads will move slightly, and in time, the device won’t feel comfortable anymore.

If you connect the micro USB cable that came with your Glass to your charger, Glass will rest the right way while you’re charging it.

Watch the weather forecast

Glass is sensitive to the elements, so don’t take it out in the rain or on a humid day (especially in the Southern or Midwestern United States in the summer).

Even if no actual rain is falling, or if you put a hoodie on over your Glass, water can condense within the unit. Then you may find that Glass isn’t working right. It may just shut itself off, for example. Putting Glass in dry rice won’t solve the problem.

What’s more, the reflective foil around the screen cube may ripple or possibly tear in high humidity. If the foil ripples, you’re going to have a much harder time seeing the Glass screen; if the foil tears, you won’t be able to see the screen at all.

Store it in a pouch

Glass comes with a pouch that protects it from scratches, dust, and the elements. The bottom of the pouch contains a hard protective shell, so if you drop the pouch, your Glass will still be protected. The pouch stores Glass safely with or without a protective shield.


If you misplace your pouch or want to get an extra for use at another location (one for home and one for the office, for example), you can purchase another pouch from the Glass Store.

Don’t panic if you don’t find a pouch in the Glass Store; the item may be temporarily out of stock. Check back another day.