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iPod nano 5th Generation: Using Live Pause and iTunes Tagging

With the iPod nano 5th Generation, you can pause live radio for up to 15 minutes and tag your favorite songs for downloading later. The Live Pause feature on the iPod nano works the same way a DVR or TiVO system works in that it record the live broadcast when you use Live Pause. When you hear a song you like on the nano’s built-in FM radio, you can tag it as a favorite, and the iTunes Tagging feature will automatically find them the next time you connect to the iTunes store so that you can easily add them to your library.

Apple’s 5th generation iPod nano can pick up FM radio stations by using an antennae that’s built into the headphones. Consequently, you can’t play the radio through the nano’s built-in speaker.

  1. Turn on your 5th Gen iPod nano and select Radio from the main menu and press the Center button.

    The nano’s radio screen shows a tuning dial along the bottom and digital station identification in the middle.

  2. Turn the Click Wheel to select a specific radio station or click Next or Previous to skip through the available stations.

    When you scroll to a specific station the radio dial goes away and a progress bar appears.

  3. Press the Play/Pause button.

    A balloon showing the time you pressed the pause button appears above the progress bar and a pause symbol appears next to the battery strength icon. As you continue to use Live Pause the progress bar will continue to fill up and you’ll see a little yellow triangle indicating you pressed Pause.

    You can keep the broadcast paused for up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the nano goes to sleep and erases the recorded radio broadcast.

  4. Press the Play/Pause button again.

    The nano will resume playing the radio station where you left off.

    You can hold down the Next/Fast-forward and Previous/Rewind buttons to move through the paused radio broadcast. You can also click the same buttons to move forward or backward through the broadcast one minute at a time.

  5. Go to a station that supports RDS.

    You can tell that a station supports RDS if the song title and artist appear above the progress bar when you’re listening to the station.

  6. Press and hold the Center button.

    A menu will appear offering the options to tag the song or add it to favorites.

  7. Select Tag and press the Center button again.

    The song’s information will be stored under the Radio menu. When you connect your iPod to iTunes, the tagged items will be removed from the iPod and synced to the iTunes Store.