How to Browse and Preview iPod Games at the iTunes Store

By Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes

The iTunes Store offers colorful games to play on your iPod — all kinds of games, from Mini Golf and Mahjong to the classic Tetris and Cubis 2. You can even play the wildly popular Japanese game Sudoku. The games play on fifth-generation iPods that can play videos — not in iTunes itself. However, you can see a preview of the game while browsing the iTunes Store.

To find the iPod games, click the iPod Games link in the iTunes STORE menu on the iTunes Store home page. iTunes displays the iPod Games page with thumbnail icons for each game. Click the game’s icon to go to the Games page. Click the Preview button on the game’s page to see a preview of the game. Use the iTunes Play button, just as you would for a song, to play the game preview. At any time or after the preview plays, click the Close Preview button to return to the movie page.