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How to Use Microsoft Edge’s Suggested Content

By Nancy C. Muir

Part of the fun of hopping around on the internet is finding new sites you like to frequent. You can allow Microsoft Edge to suggest sites you might like that are similar to the sites you visit most, and these are typically safe sites.

  1. Open Edge, click the Settings and More button, and then click Settings in the menu that appears.
  2. Click the box below Open New Tabs With, and click Top Sites and Suggested Content.
  3. Click outside the Settings pane to close it.
  4. Click the New Tab button or press Ctrl+T. Tiles for Top Sites appear, as well as a My Feed section with suggested content.
  5. Click a site tile to open its website or click an article to view it.

The Top Sites feature uses your browsing history to come up with later suggestions, so when you first activate it, it may take a little while before the feature comes up with useful suggestions. You can customize what topics appear at the top of your news feed by clicking the Customize link above the Top Sites tiles, clicking one or more Information Cards at the bottom, and clicking Save.

If you don’t want to see the news feed, you can click Top Sites in the Customize dialog box to see the Top Sites tiles only. To open new tabs without any content, click A Blank Page.