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What to Pack in Your Laptop Case

A good laptop case is useful for holding more than just the laptop. When you travel, you should pack your laptop case with all those extra goodies that you may need. When you’re at a loss about what to put into your laptop case, consider this list for inspiration:

  • Two words: office supplies. Pens. Paper. Sticky notes. Paper clips. Rubber bands. Highlighter. And so on.

  • Pack the power cord and AC adapter!

  • Bring any extra batteries you should have.

  • Bring along your cell phone, although many people prefer to keep their phones clipped to their belts or stuffed in purses.

  • When you’re traveling overseas, remember to bring along a power conversion kit or overseas power adapter.

  • Bring a phone cord if you plan on using a modem.

  • Bring a 6-foot Ethernet cable — even if you don’t plan on using a network.

  • Bring headphones if you plan on listening to music or watching a DVD. It’s more polite than sharing the noise with those sitting next to you.

  • If you’re making a presentation, don’t forget the presentation! If you need your own video projector, pack it too!

  • Pack any necessary peripherals: mouse, keyboard, PC cards, and external storage, for example.

  • Ensure that you have some screen wipes.

  • Bring a deck of cards. (You need something to play with after the battery drains.)

  • If you’re taking along a digital camera, don’t forget the camera’s computer cable or a memory card reader. It’s nice to be able to save those digital images right to the laptop when you’re away.