Important Tips for Upgrading and Fixing PCs - dummies

Important Tips for Upgrading and Fixing PCs

Part of Upgrading & Fixing PCs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You want your PC to be all it can be, so you upgrade when you can and repair as necessary. When either fixing or upgrading, use the following tips to help keep you and your PC safe:

  • Turn off and unplug your computer before taking off its cover. Please. This one’s the most important step. You can damage both yourself and your computer if you forget to turn off and unplug the computer.

  • Install parts one at a time. Always make sure the first one works with Windows before installing the next.

  • Read a USB part’s instructions before installation. Sometimes you must install the drivers before plugging in the part. Other times, you install the drivers afterward.

  • The red (or colored) wire is positive. The red (or colored) wire often plugs into the pin or socket marked by a little + sign.

  • The positive/red wire connects to Pin 1. Look for little numbers printed along the edge of a socket. Can’t see the number 1? Then push the plug into the socket with the red wire facing toward the low numbers on the socket.