How to Activate Streaming to Share Media on Your Windows 10 Laptop

By Dan Gookin

Media sharing, or streaming, is normally disabled for Windows 10 laptops. To activate the feature and make your laptop’s music, pictures, and video available to other computers on a private network, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel.

    Press the Win+X keyboard shortcut and choose Control Panel from the supersecret menu.

  2. Beneath the Network and Internet heading, click the link titled Choose Homegroup and Sharing Options.

    The Homegroup window appears.

  3. Click the Change Advanced Sharing Settings link.

  4. Display the options in the All Networks area.

    Click the chevron to display the area if it’s hidden.

  5. Click the Choose Media Streaming Options link.

  6. Click the Turn On Media Streaming button.

    A list of network devices capable of accessing your laptop appears. You can remove items from this list by removing their check marks.

  7. Click OK.

    Your laptop’s media is now shared.

Pictures, videos, and music on your laptop are accessed by other network PCs. Your Internet-ready TV and Xbox One use other techniques to access the media.