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Your PC’s Memory Is Critical for a Gaming PC

By Mark L. Chambers

A gaming PC with less than 8GB of RAM is doomed to slower performance with the latest titles. And not just any RAM will do for a high-performance PC, either. Although most PC owners tend to think that “all memory is created equal,” that’s not the case with a gaming PC.

Your PC (or the motherboard you purchase, if you’re assembling yourself) should use the fastest supported DDR3 memory your hardware can handle. Those memory modules should also be equipped with cooling fins or plates. (Yep, bunkie, you read that right. The memory a gamer demands can run so hot that — like your CPU — it needs additional cooling in order to avoid data errors!)

Now comes what some folks still call the “64 thousand dollar question” — how much memory is necessary for a gaming PC? A minimum of 8GB is preferred, but as for a maximum, the sky (or, in this case, the motherboard) is the limit!

The more memory you can afford to add to your motherboard, the faster everything runs (and that includes Windows and the other applications you run because most gamers use their hugely expensive toys for their other computing needs as well). Therefore, 16 to 32GB of system RAM is a comfortable zone. (64GB is out of the range of many wallets.)