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How to Define Farming Simulator Mod Title and Descriptions

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

A set of tags used to name and describe your Farming Simulator mod appears within the modDesc tag of your mod’s modDesc.xml. The content of these tags doesn’t show up in the in-game store, but GIANTS Engine still makes use of them. The following is a brief description of each tag.

  • <author>: The person or group that created this mod. In this case, it should be your name.

  • <version>: Assigning a version number to your mod is a good idea. When you release a mod, people have an expectation that you’ll maintain it and fix any issues that users find with it. Having a version number is the easiest way to know if people are using the latest update of your mod or if they’re using an old one.

  • <title>: This is the name of your mod. You can localize, or translate, your mod’s name for multiple languages.

  • <description>: As you may expect, this tag is a short description of your mod. Like the title tag, you also can localize the description. It can be a just a few words or a length of sentences, although people tend to prefer brevity.

  • <iconFilename>: You want your mod to be easily selected with an image, right? This tag is the path to an image (PNG or DDS) that serves as an icon for your mod. The image should be 256×256 pixels and, for simplicity, keep it in your mod’s parent folder.

  • <multiplayer>: This tag is a little bit strange because it doesn’t appear to have an associated closing tag. It just has the supported attribute. Set this attribute to true if your mod is intended to work in multiplayer mode and false otherwise.

    As for closing the tag, have a look at the end of it and notice the slash (/) just before the greater-than (>) symbol. This is shorthand in XML for “There is no content to nest in this tag, just the attribute, so you can go ahead and close it here.”

You may want to think about localization. Farming Simulator is a game that’s enjoyed all over the world. In fact, it has been translated into 12 different languages. If you want your mod to work nicely for all these players, make the effort for it to appear in the player’s preferred language.

To do so, localize the title and description. Just wrap the actual title or description in a set of tags defined by the two-letter designation for the language (for instance, en for English, de for German, fr for French, and so on). If you have another look at the sample mod that ships with Farming Simulator, you can see that its modDesc.xml is localized for English and German.

So if you’ve been building your custom modDesc.xml along with this text, you should have something that looks similar to the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<modDesc descVersion="20">
 <author>My Name</author>
 <en>My Mod</en>
 <de>Mein Mod</de>
 <en>My mod description</en>
 <de>Meine Mod Beschreibung</de>
 <multiplayer supported="true"/>

This is a start, but it’s not the whole story. GIANTS Engine may be aware of your mod, but without adding it to the in-game store, the player has no idea it’s there.