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10 Strategies for a Victory in Fortnite Battle Royale

By Bill Loguidice

To claim a Victory Royale in Fortnite’s Battle Royale, you need to be the last player or team standing. More often than not, reaching these lofty heights is as much about survival as it is about planning or skillful play. Of course, those who win the most know the best ways to survive, but they also have solid plans and engage in skillful play thanks to lots of practice. Here, you look at ten strategies to achieve your own Victory Royale.

Pick your battles

The quickest way to lose is to engage any and every enemy you come upon without considering whether or not you’re actually ready to survive the fight. Even though it may seem counterintuitive in a fighting game, it’s OK to choose not to fight and even to run away. The words survive and survival have been used many times throughout this book for a reason.

When you spot two players battling it out, hold your fire and stay hidden. When one player eliminates the other, start your attack. It’s likely the other player not only will be unable to get their bearings for a few seconds but also will have taken some damage and be weakened from the first fight.

Learn to aim

Although it’s great for gameplay variety, the sheer number of weapons available within Battle Royale means you have to learn different aiming strategies. Generally speaking, the better the weapon, the better its aim. For example, an epic infantry rifle will be a bit easier to aim than a rare infantry rifle.

Assault rifles and SMGs suffer from bloom, so their bullets don’t always hit where you’d expect. This is particularly the case with common versions of these weapons.

The easiest way to practice your aim is to go into Creative mode and fire at a wall, like in the following figure. Observe accuracy at different ranges and how much bloom there is both when aiming and without aiming.

Aiming in Fortnite
Aiming and firing a common SMG against a wall to gauge accuracy and bloom.

As a bonus tip, besides knowing how to aim, you’ll also want to focus on having a balanced inventory. A popular mix is having an assault rifle in slot 1, a shotgun in slot 2, a sniper rifle in slot 3, explosives in slot 4, and health or shield items in slot 5.

Bandages and med kits improve your HP. Shield potions increase your SP. Slurp juice and chug jugs work on both.

Build ramps

Battles almost always come down to who can gain the height advantage over the other player. If you can’t get higher using existing structures, like in the following figure, quickly build a ramp. Getting to the top of an existing structure is a great way to survey the landscape and spot enemies, but you’ll often have to build your own ramps to gain a height advantage or reach otherwise inaccessible places.

Building ramps in Fortnite
You often have to build your own ramps to gain a height advantage or reach otherwise inaccessible places.

When you attack from a higher elevation, the player you’re attacking usually sees less of you, so they have a smaller target. You, on the other hand, can see all of the other player.

Although building double ramps for safety is generally faster, putting a wall in front of your ramp also makes it harder for another player to take it out.

Focus on structural weak spots

From simple structures to large forts, anything that gets built has a weakness. If you take out the foundation or base of a structure, the whole structure collapses along with anything, or anyone, on it. A pickaxe is often all you need, but for real speed and maximum efficiency in a battle zone, go for a rocket, grenade, or remote explosive.

Fortnite explosive weapons
Use explosive weapons to take out structural foundations. They’re easy targets and can cause the whole structure to collapse.

Manage supply drops

As a match progresses, there will be more supply drops, like the one shown in the following figure. These drops contain powerful legendary weapons, and other supplies that can give you a big advantage. Unfortunately, these supply drops are quite noticeable, so other players are also easily alerted to their presence. Besides falling from the sky as blue crates attached to a balloon and making a beeping sound and other noises, a blue flare indicates where the drop lands.

Fortnite supply drop
A supply drop is a valuable loot crate, but you’ll rarely be the only player to notice it.

To more safely explore the contents of a supply drop, first build a small fort around yourself. That then buys you the time needed to sort through the items and update your inventory.

Have building materials

Building can provide cover, a place to lay traps, and a way to reach new areas. You can also quickly build structures like a 1×1 fort to hide inside to buy you time to use shield or healing items.

You’ll quickly learn that the best players are constantly throwing up everything from walls to complex structures for both protection and to gain the high ground. Especially for the end game, you’ll want to have at least 1,500 units of each raw material for maximum versatility.

Know the map

Learn the map and keep on top of the map changes with each new update. The best players know the best locations with the best chances at quality loot.

Getting to know the various locations also makes it easier to stay ahead of the storm, like in the following figure. When you engage in the inevitable fire fight, a good sense of place and direction helps you both to use the environment to your advantage and to keep away from the storm.

Fortnite map
Knowing the lay of the land allows you to more easily move around the edge of the storm circle.

Let time dictate strategy

You can’t use one strategy for the whole game. At the start of a match, you want to land in a sparsely populated area. This can give you a chance to loot, build your inventory, and start to head towards the center of the map, as in the following figure.

Fortnite strategies
Early on in a match, focus on looting and building up your inventory in a sparsely populated area with scattered buildings, like this one.

For the mid-point of a match, start to seek out and engage enemies. Make liberal use of your building materials and loot fallen opponents.

For the end game, stay in the safety zone of the storm and establish a defensive position. Let the fight come to you. As the number of opponents starts to dwindle to just a handful, look for an opening and get to higher ground. Keep the height advantage as you take out the remaining players.

Coordinate with your teammates

When teaming up with other players, communication is key. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses and insist on the same from your teammates. If, for instance, you’re good at sniping, but bad at building, let your teammate know. Placing the best person in their best role can make for the strongest team.

You should try to remain in range of your teammates whenever possible, even when splitting your squad to outflank your opponents. You never know when you’ll have to provide support. Take any and every opportunity before a match to discuss strategy and tactics, and make sure you stay in touch as the match unfolds.

The ultimate form of coordination is building a fortress towards the endgame. If everyone has a role and pitches in, you can create far more impressive defensive structures than any one person can on their own.


It can’t be said enough, practice makes perfect. Take advantage of Creative mode and try out all of its options. Play one or more matches of various types every day. Each time you go hands-on with the game, you’ll gain a little more experience. Use this book as a guide to identify your weak points and make them strengths through repetition.

Although getting a Victory Royale is satisfying, always remember that Fortnite is just a game. You’ll enjoy yourself much more if you prioritize fun over simply focusing on the work needed to achieve victories.

A great way to identify your weaknesses is by making liberal use of the Replays option under the Career tab in the lobby. This feature lets you watch your recent matches, like in the following figure, and evaluate where you might have gone wrong and what to do better next time. You can also watch other players from your match and learn even more.

Fortnite practice replays
Match replays start from the Battle Bus. You have full control over playback and can even watch from the perspective of other players.