Chromebook: Survey the Sheets Menu Area - dummies

Chromebook: Survey the Sheets Menu Area

By Mark LaFay

Google Sheets is fast on the rise and has some extremely powerful features just by nature of being a part of the Google ecosystem. Here, take an introductory look at Sheets: You can explore the Sheets interface and learn how to enter data into a cell, edit data, and perform basic calculations.

Collaboration is also important with Sheets, so you learn how to save and export your data and share it with others for collaboration; and in the event you don’t have an Internet connection, you will be able to use Sheets offline.

The Sheets work area is broken into a couple key areas: The menu area and the main document area, which is the actual spreadsheet. The menu area, by default, is comprised of the Applications menu, Edit toolbar, and Formula bar, as shown.


The Applications menu is located at the top of the menu area and is home to several application-specific controls and options, including

  • File: File-specific options and controls for creating, saving, exporting, printing, and otherwise managing your document on the file level.

  • Edit: Copy, paste, delete, and otherwise move and manipulate data.

  • View: Modify your view by adding and removing toolbars or change the layout of the spreadsheet by adding or removing gridlines, freezing columns and rows, and more.

  • Insert: Insert rows, columns, cells, worksheets, charts, images, and more.

  • Format: Manipulate the appearance of your data, auto-format number data, align cell contents, and otherwise edit the appearance of your cells.

  • Data: Sort and filter your data.

  • Tools: Spell check, protect the sheet to ensure data isn’t overwritten, or create a form to gather data.

  • Help: Get help with Sheets, search for menu options, and more.

The Edit toolbar, located directly under the Applications menu, contains several shortcuts to features contained in the Applications menu. The Edit toolbar makes the performance of routine tasks faster and easier. With the Edit toolbar, you can quickly perform these tasks:

  • Print, undo, or redo edits.

  • Format number data as currency or percentages.

  • Change fonts.

  • Change font size.

  • Bold, italicize, or strikethrough your text.

  • Color your text.

  • Fill a cell or cells with color.

  • Add, edit, or remove cell borders.

  • Merge multiple cells together.

  • Edit the horizontal alignment of the contents of a cell.

  • Edit the vertical alignment of the contents of a cell.

  • Allow text in a cell to wrap to multiple lines.

  • Add comments or charts, and perform common calculations.

The Formula bar is located directly under the Edit toolbar. You will use the Formula bar to insert data into cells and write formulas for performing calculations.