How to Create a Movie Quickly with Movie Maker's AutoMovie - dummies

How to Create a Movie Quickly with Movie Maker’s AutoMovie

By Andy Rathbone

If you don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs of Movie Maker and simply want a movie — fast — you can use Movie Maker’s AutoMovie function to create a movie for you. Although it isn’t perfect, AutoMovie is a surprisingly quick way to turn that tall stack of videotapes into short, easily accessible movies.

  1. Import your video footage and/or photos.

  2. Choose AutoMovie from the Tools menu.


  3. Select the movie style you’re after and click Create AutoMovie.

    You can choose movie with clean-and-simple cuts and fades, a flashy music video, a vintage “aged” movie, or a sports flick that narrows in on your fast pans and zooms.

Movie Maker takes over from there, robotically assembling a movie from your footage and/or photos. It analyzes your work for interesting pans and zooms, and shaky and dark shots, and turns your highlights into a complete flick.