How to Change the Color Scheme in Windows Vista - dummies

How to Change the Color Scheme in Windows Vista

By Nancy C. Muir

If you know how to change the color scheme in Windows Vista, you can control the colors that Windows uses when displaying dialog boxes, menus, and windows. Changing the color scheme is a great way to reflect your own personality in your Windows environment, but it can also help make Windows easier to use. If you happen to be color blind, you can chose a color combination that is easier for you to see.

1Right-click the desktop, choose Personalize, and click the Window Color and Appearance link.

The Window Color and Appearance dialog box is displayed.

2Click a color scheme and adjust settings for transparency and color intensity.

There really is no right or wrong here. Just pick a color and slide the intensity bar until you like what you get. If you don’t like the color at any intensity, try another color.

3Click the Open Classic Appearance Properties for More Color Options link.

You can use these controls to customize the selected preset color scheme.

Some colors are easier on the eyes than others. For example, green is more restful to look at than orange. Choose a color scheme that is pleasant to look at and easy on the eyes!

4Click Advanced.

The Advanced Appearance dialog box lets you really get into the nitty gritty of how each Windows element is going to appear.

5Click a screen element in the Item drop-down list and then adjust settings for size, color, font, or effects (such as bold).

The changes you make will appear in the preview window above. Repeat this for each item you want to change. If you don’t like something in the preview box, just hit Cancel to go back to the default.

If you want to set specific colors in the Advanced Appearance dialog box and you know the Red/Green/Blue value for those colors, in the Color drop-down list, click Other and enter specific values for Red, Green, and Blue. Click OK to save the changes.

6Click OK to close the Advanced Appearance dialog box and apply all changes. Then click OK to close the Appearance Settings dialog box.

It might take a second or two for Vista to make all the necessary internal changes, but soon you’ll have your own, personalized color scheme.