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How to Update Apps on Your Windows 8 Tablet

By Andy Rathbone

Apps constantly change. Luckily, updating apps on a Windows 8 tablet works much more easily than it did on older desktop PCs. When an update for one or more of your apps arrives, you’ll know it by the Store app tile: A little number appears in the tile’s bottom-right corner, letting you know how many of your apps have waiting updates.

To update your apps, follow these steps:

  1. From the Start screen, tap the Store tile.


    The Store app appears.

  2. Tap the word Updates in the Store app’s upper-right corner.

    The App Updates screen appears, listing the waiting updates. They’re all selected — ready to be updated — as seen by the little check mark in their upper-right corner. Want to download an update later? Then tap an unwanted app’s tile, and the check mark disappears.


    To download the app later when you have more time, repeat these steps; the app update will still be waiting.

  3. Tap the Install button at the bottom of the screen.

    Windows immediately begins downloading and installing the updates.

Most programmers update their apps on a regular basis, adding new features and patching security problems. Some updates, however, add features you don’t want. And some updates even cause unexpected problems.

How do you know whether to install an update or not? There’s no one way of knowing, but try these tips when making your decision:

  • When an update says it solves security problems, install it. You don’t want to leave your tablet open to potential problems.

  • Before updating, open the Store app, find the app that’s receiving updates, and read the latest reviews. If an update causes problems, people who’ve updated usually complain about it, letting you know something’s wrong.

  • If you’re not having problems with an app, and the update doesn’t address any security issues, don’t feel obliged to update it immediately. Wait a few days; then read the app’s reviews in the Store app. If nobody complains of problems, the app’s probably safe to install.