How to Play CDs in the Windows 8 Media Player - dummies

How to Play CDs in the Windows 8 Media Player

By Andy Rathbone

As long as you insert the CD in the CD drive correctly (usually label-side up), playing a music CD is one of Windows Media Player’s easiest tasks. You drop it into your CD drive, and the player jumps to the screen to play it, usually identifying the CD and its musicians immediately. In many cases, it even tosses a picture of the cover art on the screen.

The controls along the bottom let you jump from track to track, adjust the volume, and fine-tune your listening experience.

If for some odd reason Windows Media Player doesn’t start playing your CD, look at the Library item in Windows Media Player’s Navigation Pane, along the left side of the window. You should spot either the CD’s name or the words Unknown Album. When you spot the listing, click it and then click the Play button to start listening.

Press F7 to mute Windows Media Player’s sound and pick up that phone call. Pressing Ctrl+P toggles the pause/play mode.

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