How to Navigate Windows 8.1 Metro Internet Explorer with Flip Ahead

By Woody Leonhard

Flip Ahead is an Internet Explorer option that works in the Windows 8.1 Metro IE and the desktop version. It’s designed primarily to give you a consistent way to “flip ahead” in websites with multiple pages. For example, if you’re reading a long newspaper blog, it may be broken into many pages. Frequently, product reviews and web-based slide shows have multiple pages that you flip through, one by one.

With Flip Ahead, you can slide your finger on the page, much as you would flip the pages of an electronic book, to advance from one page to the next. It’s not exactly earth-shattering, but if you’re navigating with your fingers and you don’t want to hunt around for Next buttons, it’s a reasonably good — and accurate — approach.

The pages aren’t preloaded, so Flip Ahead doesn’t speed up your browsing. You still have to wait for pages to load, while staring at a screen that says Next page. But Flip Ahead does give you one simple way to move from page to page.

The downside? You agree to send Microsoft data on the pages you view, so it can improve the feature.