A Few Tips for Using TweetDeck for Windows 8.1 - dummies

A Few Tips for Using TweetDeck for Windows 8.1

By Woody Leonhard

While Windows 8.1 has a Twitter client built into it, you can use a Twitter client like TweetDeck on your old-fashioned desktop for high-volume tweeting. There are lots of pros and cons of various Twitter clients, but TweetDeck has one big advantage: It’s owned and distributed by Twitter. If you start having Twitter problems, and you’re using TweetDeck, you have just one place to complain.

After you have TweetDeck set up — a remarkably easy process — you should take a few minutes to look at some of the more advanced features such as columns with hashtags, filtered where necessary. Here’s how to set up such a column:

  1. Figure out which hashtag you want to follow.

    In this example, say you want to follow every tweet that contains the hashtag #boulderflood — a tag that many people put in their tweets when discussing the September 2013 flooding in Colorado. The website Hashtags.org shows you which hashtags are trending right now.

  2. Start TweetDeck.

    On the left, click the magnifying glass icon to add a column. (Depending on the version of TweetDeck that you’re using, the Add a Column icon may appear at the top of the screen.)

    You see the Add Column box.

  3. Click Search.

    TweetDeck takes you to the Search icon.

  4. Type the hashtag you want to follow and then type Enter.

    In this case, type #boulderflood.

    TweetDeck takes a while, but it comes back with a list of all recent tweets that include that hashtag.

  5. Apply any filtering you’d like.

    You can include or exclude specific kinds of tweets, in specific languages, with or without retweets; you can exclude specific users; and you can choose to only show popular tweets.

  6. At the bottom, click Add Column.

    TweetDeck sets up your search as a permanent column, which will be updated automatically.