Unlocking and Signing in with Windows 10 - dummies

Unlocking and Signing in with Windows 10

Starting Windows is as easy as turning on your computer. But before you can begin you have to get through the locked screen. On the Sign In screen you have a few different options. If you see your e-mail address listed just type your password. If you don’t see your name, but you have an account on the computer, look in the screens bottom-left corner, and click your name.

Having your personal account protected by a password is more important than ever with Windows 10 because some accounts can be tied to a credit card. If your computer is set up with a Microsoft account, you must have a password. To set up or change a password on your account click the Start button, and click Settings. Click the Accounts icon and then Sign-in Options. In the Password section, click the Change button. If you’re already set up with a Microsoft account, you’ll have to re-log in here. Provide your old and new password. If you don’t have a password yet, click Add. Type a password. Click the Next button and then click Finish.

If you set up a local account along with a Microsoft account, you need a password. Go to Settings →Accounts→Sign-In Options to find the password field.