How to Use Different User Accounts in Windows 10 - dummies

How to Use Different User Accounts in Windows 10

In this video, you will learn the different functions of user accounts in Windows 10. You discover how Network domains govern business environments. Employees are given domain accounts to access the company's network and utilize any app or program in their company settings. The video describes the difference between a business user account, an administrator account, and a standard user account. If you are using your computer to manage a small business, the video describes how you can use Microsoft to create user accounts and manage them accordingly. Your computer will need an administrator account. Administrator accounts have access to all programs and files on the computer. The administrator can also view and make changes to all user account settings and passwords. Installing software and hardware and configurations in the operating system are also only part of the administrator access. The video also describes standard user accounts. These user accounts have restricted access and can only access apps and programs that have been downloaded and installed by the administrator. Users cannot download apps or install software or hardware of any kind. Users can also make changes to passwords, but cannot edit the account type.