How to Set Your Home Page in Microsoft Edge

By Andy Rathbone

When you open the desktop’s web browser, Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, it needs to show you something right away. Well, that something can be any website you want. In computer terms, that’s called your home page, and you can tell Microsoft Edge to use any site you want.

Naturally, Microsoft wants Microsoft Edge to open to a Microsoft website, so you need to jump through these hoops to make it open to your own favorite site:

  1. Visit your favorite website.

    Choose any web page you like. If you choose Google News, for example, Microsoft Edge always opens with the latest headlines.


  2. Click the Settings icon in Microsoft Edge and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

    The Settings pane appears, listing your options.

  3. In the Settings pane’s Start With section, select Custom from the drop-down list and, below that, type in the address of your favorite website, as shown here. Then click the adjacent plus sign to save the website’s name.

    Type in the address of your favorite website, and Microsoft Edge opens to that site.
    Type in the address of your favorite website, and Microsoft Edge opens to that site.

    To open several home pages, each in their own tab, click the plus sign next to the first web address you enter. A new box appears for you to type in another web address. Repeat until you’ve stocked Microsoft Edge with all the tabs you’d like to see preloaded whenever you launch Microsoft Edge.

Your changes take place immediately. To close the Settings pane, just click on the screen away from the Settings pane. The Settings pane closes, leaving you back at your website.

After Microsoft Edge opens with your chosen home page or pages, you can still browse the Internet, searching for topics in by typing them into the Address bar or by simply pointing and clicking different links.

Just as your browser’s home page is the site you see when your browser opens, a website’s home page is its “cover,” like the cover of a magazine. Whenever you navigate to a website, you usually start at the site’s home page and begin browsing from there.