How to Check for Important Windows 10 Updates - dummies

How to Check for Important Windows 10 Updates

By Peter Weverka

You need to keep abreast of updates Microsoft will keep making to Windows 10. In order to check for updates, select Update & Security on the Settings screen.

  1. On the Update & Security screen, select Windows Update.

    The Windows Update screen appears, as shown here.


    If you don’t mind typing, you can get to the Windows Update screen by typing windows update in the Search box located on the taskbar.

    The Windows Update screen informs you when Windows 10 last checked for updates and whether any were found.

  2. Select the Check for Updates button to find out whether any updates are available and update Windows 10 on your computer.

    You may see a message that one or more updates will be downloaded and installed automatically. You do not have to do anything to install these updates — the update process is automatic.

  3. Return to the desktop to let Windows 10 manage updates automatically.

    You can select the Advanced Options button on the Windows Update screen to choose how Windows 10 installs updates and get a history of updates that Windows 10 has made to your computer.

Installing an update seldom takes more than a few minutes. You can use your system during the update process. If the update process requires that you restart your computer, you see a message on the Windows Update screen and the Lock screen. If you don’t restart when required, Windows 10 will automatically restart within two days of the first notification.