Using iPhoto's Places Feature to See Where a Digital Photo Was Taken - dummies

Using iPhoto’s Places Feature to See Where a Digital Photo Was Taken

By Mark L. Chambers

Mac Snow Leopard’s iPhoto application includes a feature called Places that makes it easy to track the location where photos were taken, but it requires a digital camera that includes GPS tracking information in the image metadata. (This is a relatively new feature for digital cameras, so older models aren’t likely to support GPS tracking.) Places also requires an Internet connection because it uses Google Maps.

To use places, expand the Sources List and click Places. A global map appears with pushpins indicating where your photos were taken.

You can switch the Places map between terrain and satellite modes, or choose a hybrid display. If you’re familiar with Google Maps, these settings are old friends of yours.

Alternatively, click the List View button to display a character-based browser, where you can click on country, state, and city names. No matter which view mode you choose, clicking a pushpin or location displays the images taken in that area.