Navigating Mac OS X with Multi-Touch Gestures - dummies

Navigating Mac OS X with Multi-Touch Gestures

By Arnold Reinhold

Part of Switching to a Mac For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Multi-Touch gestures are moves that you make on a Mac’s trackpad to send Mac OS X commands, mostly for navigating the Mac OS X interface. When you switch to a Mac from Windows, adjusting to Multi-Touch takes a little practice, so this table is here to help you:

Gesture Command It Performs
Two-finger swipe Scroll (up, down, left, or right)
Two fingers on keypad+click Right click (same as Control+click)
Three-finger swipe Switch spaces or open applications
Three-finger double tap Look up a word in the dictionary or on Wikipedia
Four-finger swipe up Show Mission Control
Four-finger swipe down Show all windows for the current application
Four-finger pinch Show Launchpad
Four-finger spread Show Desktop