Radio Stations in Your iTunes Playlists - dummies

Radio Stations in Your iTunes Playlists

By Mark L. Chambers

If you find yourself visiting an online radio station more than once, you’ll be glad to know that iTunes supports radio stations in its playlists. To add a radio station to a playlist from the Radio list, do the following:

  1. Open the category that contains the station you want to add to your playlist.

  2. Locate the station that you want to add to your playlist and drag it from the Radio list to the desired playlist on the left.

Adding a radio station that doesn’t appear in the Radio list is a bit trickier but possible nonetheless. Even though iTunes allows you to load a radio station URL manually by using the Open Stream command in the Advanced menu, it doesn’t give you an easy way to add it to the playlist.

Follow these steps to add a specific radio station to a playlist:

  1. Add any radio station from the Radio list to your desired playlist.

    Any station in the list will do, as you’ll immediately change both the station’s URL and name to create your new station entry in the Playlist.

  2. Press Command+I or choose File→Get Info to bring up the information dialog for that station.

  3. Click the Summary section and change the URL by clicking the Edit URL button.

  4. Enter the desired URL and click OK.

  5. Click the Info tab, type the new station name, and then click OK.